Birdwatching in Rwanda Experience Birding in Rwanda Birdwatching in Rwanda is one of the best experience one can have during hisher trip in Rwanda especially having more than 1 day in Rwanda The country hosts over 750 species Being a small country with an area cover of just 26338 square kilometers Rwanda contains the highest concentration of birds per square kilometer in Africa Birdlife in Rwanda is excellent giving visitors the chance to see some of the Albertine Rift endemic bird species Perhaps the key area for bird watching in Rwanda is the vast Afromontane forest of Nyungwe National Park which is recognised as an IBA Important Bird Area by Birdlife International Look here for some of Rwandas Albertine Rift endemics including the Albertine owlet collared apalis red collared mountain babbler and Grauers and Neumanns warblers

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