Golden Monkey Trekking Rwanda

Golden Monkey Trekking Rwanda is done in the Volcanoes National Park Golden monkeys are species of the old monkeys that are found in the Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda, Mgahinga national park, , Virunga Volcanic Mountains as well as Kahuzi Biega in the far eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. These are commonly found in highland forests nearby Bamboo vegetation.

They live in social groups of about 30 individuals and mostly feed on fruits, insects and leaves and are listed as endangered species. Golden monkeys are believed to be sub species of the blue monkeys since both look alike and they have a golden orange patch on the upper back and flanks.

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Universal Ventures Rwanda has made it easy for you to find the perfect lodge in Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda during your gorilla Trek tour or golden monkey trekking safari. Next are the accommodations we picked for you; from Luxury to budget.

The luxury accommodation is Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge because it is high up on hill, has great views, cozy rooms with fireplaces and amazing service. We also recommend Virunga Lodge which is a beautiful eco-lodge but an hour’s drive from the trek starting point. When you already have to be up and ready at 6am adding an hour drive to that is not insignificant. For a medium budget the best choice is Mountain Gorilla View Lodge. It does not claim to be more than it is but it is very convenient and the rooms are quite spacious. For the more modest budget Le Bamboo Gorilla Lodge was perfectly comfortable

golden monkey trekking in rwandaVolcanoes National park is a home for golden monkeys, a variety of birds, reptiles, amphibians, and insects among other creatures which together make a complete Rwanda safari package. and that’s where the gorilla and golden monkey trek happens.

Volcanoes national park is a stop center for all Rwanda gorilla safaris sheltering the highest number of mountain gorillas in the Virunga Conservation area. The strategic location is roughly 2 hours drive from Kigali international airport make it the most accessible gorilla national park in the world.

Visit the Rwanda Directorate general of Immigration and Emigration : which takes you to a visa application form which picks your personal information.

Depending on your travel plans, choose the best visa choice available;

  • Single entry visa – allows entry in Rwanda alone for 30 days – 50 USD
  • Transit Visa for 3 days – only you in the country for only 3 days – 50USD
  • East African Tourists Visa – Allows you to cross to all East African countries including Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda – 100 USD

The supporting document to attach is your tour Itinerary if traveling to visit rwanda, Invitation letter, other document with respect to your travel intentions or your flight details in PDF format. You MUST ATTACH documentation at this stage or the visa request will not be processed.

How much is a golden monkey trekking permit?

  • Just like in mountain gorillas, Travelers to see golden monkeys are required to buy permits which allow them to access and spend an hour with these amazing creatures. Fortunately, golden monkey permits are quite cheap costing $100 per permit in both Uganda and Rwanda. permits are bought from Rwanda Development Board (RDB) in Rwanda.

Other Facts About trekking Golden Monkey Trekking Rwanda

  • Have a small backpack as it is useful to carry your water, packed lunch, camera and binoculars.
  • You need light weight hiking boots for this activity/strong waterproof walking boots due to nature and altitude of the forest. So get shoes that have good ankle support (the ones that come above the ankle bone).
  • Take a light jumper and lightweight breathable waterproof jacket/trousers as temperature is variable and weather conditions can change
  • Lightweight long wool socks which are comfortable for a mountain tropical forest

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