Overview of Karongi City Tour

Karongi city tour is one of lifetime experiences one should opt for; the city gives you the opportunity to explore the city’s serene views from one of the great lakes in Africa; Lake Kivu. Karongi is perhaps the most popular beach retreat for families living elsewhere in Rwanda. It’s easy to see why, with its majestic vistas, tranquil atmosphere and easy access from Kigali. Book for a three-days adventure and culture tour around Lake Kivu can offer a fantastic experience, blending the natural beauty of the lake with the rich cultural heritage of the surrounding areas. Let’s plan a day itinerary for your Lake Kivu adventure:

karongi city tour

Hillsides covered in pines and eucalyptus serve as a backdrop to the sparkling lake, with accommodation to suit most budgets.

At dawn and dusk, the sound of local fisherman singing carries across the water as they paddle in unison. This is a place where busy minds can completely switch off, occasionally glancing up from a good book to notice the birds or the changing colours on the lake as the sun drops over the far side.

Visit Karongi Peace Park, a beautiful lakeside park with walking paths and green spaces. Enjoy the serene environment, and if interested, learn about the efforts towards peace and reconciliation in Rwanda.

Attractions for Karongi City Tour

  • Museum of the Environment

This smart museum on Kibuye’s lake shore has educational displays about energy sources and the environmental impact of different types of fuel sources. It won’t appeal to anyone who knows anything about sustainability, but there is an excellent rooftop garden with a collection of native plants, each with explanations of their use in traditional medicine.

karongi city tour

  • Karongi Islands

The Nyakarwa peninsula, a small peninsula on Lake Kivu with good birding opportunities, the foot path is easy to locate and starts just behind the western province’s office, in Bwishura sector. It’s a lovely recreational walk along a foot path beside the lake.

The kibuye footpath is currently being developed become the major tourism attraction in the district. The site offers a diversity of activities such as; lakeside walking, swimming, birding, camping, attractions for children and picnic site with barbecue facilities.

Munini Island or Napoleon’s island, said to be shaped like Napoleon’s hat is home to a colony of fruit bats and supports a large number of birds.

The Amahoro Island, privately owned, and surrounded by several islands, the Amahoro Island is amongst 16 Karongi district islands and is being developed as a tourism attraction. It offers camping facilities, a bar restaurant, swimming and an island boat tour boat. It is well situated for birding and water sport activities.

Mpembe Peninsular Footpath is a 4 km nature walk. The Peninsular is accessible by boat from Kibuye. Although privately owned, it’s a tourism site which offers camping facilities and it is also a good birding area. Mpembe Island is accessible by boat from Kibuye, to this beautiful Lake Kivu Island which connects by a bridge to the Mpembe peninsula.

Universal Ventures Rwanda has made it easy for you to find the perfect lodge near Lake Kivu, Rwanda during your Visit Rwanda tour or safari. Next are the accommodations we picked for you; from Luxury to budget.

7 Best Hotels and Places to stay near Lake Kivu, Karongi

Listed below are some of our favorite places to stay at, around the area of Lake Kivu, Karongi:

Cleo Lake Kivu Hotel

Cleo Lake Kivu Hotel is a five-star facility located in Bwishyura sector at the shores of Lake Kivu. It has 10 rooms where the cheapest one is booked at US$200 per night.

Moriah Hill Resort

The four-star hotel is also built in the vicinity of Lake Kivu. A guest standing in each of the hotel’s room gets a better view of Lake Kivu. Moriah Hill Resort has 19 rooms and a multipurpose hall with the capacity to accommodate 150 guests.

Kivu Lodge Hotel

Kivu Lodge Hotel is a four-star facility with 21 rooms and one conference hall. It is built at a peninsula located in Gishyita sector.

Bethany Hotel

Bethany Hotel is among hospitality establishments welcoming a large number of guests in Karongi. The four-star hotel has 55 rooms and four conference halls.

Golf Eden Rock Hotel

Golf Eden Rock Hotel is among prominent hotels in Karongi. The two-star hotel has 116 rooms, 3 multipurpose halls, with the capacity to accommodate from 300 to 30 people.

Romantic Hotel

The hotel located at the shores of Lake Kivu has 35 rooms, 2 conference halls with the capacity to accommodate from 80 to 25 people.

Delta Resort Hotel

Delta Resort Hotel is a three-star facility situated in few meters from the Environmental Museum in Karongi town. Located at the edges of Lake Kivu, the hotel has 20 rooms.

Rwiza Village Resort

The three-star hotel comprised of traditional buildings is located at the shores of Lake Kivu. It has 10 rooms and 1 multipurpose hall.

Home Saint Jean

Home Saint Jean is a two-star facility build at the edges of Lake Kivu. It has 33 rooms and 2 conference rooms.

Cormoran Lodge

The three-star hotel is situated at the shores of Lake Kivu and has seven rooms with the capacity to accommodate up to 10 people.

Visit the Rwanda Directorate general of Immigration and Emigration:  which takes you to a visa application form which picks your personal information.

Depending on your travel plans, choose the best visa choice available;
Single entry visa – allows entry in Rwanda alone for 30 days – 50 USD
Transit Visa for 3 days – only you in the country for only 3 days – 50USD
East African Tourists Visa – Allows you to cross to all East African countries including Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda – 100 USD

The supporting document to attach is your tour Itinerary if traveling to Visit Rwanda, Invitation letter, other document with respect to your travel intentions or your flight details in PDF format. You MUST ATTACH documentation at this stage or the visa request will not be processed.

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