Rwanda Cultural Tour Rwanda is known worldwide as a country of a thousand hills however apart from that its one of the richest nations in terms of diversified cultural heritage Its culture contains both tangible and intangible components which include sites that offer an incomparable view on the beauty of the country which gives visitors a plat form about Rwandan history culture as well as Mythology Kings Palace Museum This museum was once the residence of King Mutara Rudahingwa and sits at Rukari near the royal palace The palace has been restored and it offers a back ground of Rwandan life as it was in the past days At the neighboring hill of Mwima king Mutara as well as his wife were buried At the museum there is a traditional house and a thatched hut which is an imitation of the king palace The palace differed from the other home steads and his house had three separate poles on which the roof rests Rwesero Arts Museum Its located across the valley from the museum of Rwandan Ancient History as well as Nyanza Royal palace this museum displays contemporary artwork which also shows the originality of Rwandan creativity national tradition as well history The pieces also show the originality of Rwandas rich history as well as creativity

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