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Universal Ventures Rwanda is a Travel and Tourism company, headquartered in Kigali Rwanda. We are specialists in tour planning, safaris and car rentals. For years now, we’ve been delivering our services across East Africa and have created a track record of surpassing our client’s expectations.

At the heart of our core values is altruism — this is why we are doing this — this is what drives us to keep going. Its our joy to serve you and hope that you have an amazing experience with us. We believe if you are happy, so will be your circle. This is our own way of trying to make the world better together.

Why Visit Rwanda With Universal Ventures

Visit Rwanda with the best tour company in Rwanda; the country is the place of raw adventure, a refuge from the modern world. Each year thousands of tourists who opt for African safari step into another world.

Tourists experience the Great wildlife Safari adventure in Rwanda, they enter the world where rules are created by nature; There are different kinds of safaris available and tourists have a lot of options to choose from such as Mountain Gorilla Treks in Volcanoes National Park, Primates Safaris in Nyungwe Forest and Wildlife encounters in Akagera national Park.

Rwanda; a scenically stunning little country known as a Thousand Hills country with endless and majestic mountains and hidden among the bamboo forests are some of the world’s last remaining mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park. While Nyungwe Forest National Park protects extensive tracts of montane rain-forest, and is home to many primates.

Our Experience in Safaris makes us the best in what we do; We have experience of more than 10 Years of Experience in Travel and Tourism.

We tailor-make gorilla trekking tours suitable for your travel to Rwanda, and Uganda.

We will Show you Rwanda you have never heard of with our experienced drivers/tour guides who are knowledgeable about Rwanda's tourist attractions.

Looking for Uganda Safaris, Universal Journeys got you covered! Plan your trip to Rwanda and Uganda with us today and get the chance to explore their amazing wonders.

Explore Rwanda more than a local with us! Whether it’s a self drive or driver guided. We offer a wide range of vehicles to select from. Contact us today

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Universal Journeys provides exclusive safari lodges and camping tours to our clients and incentives expertise. We mainly offer gorilla tours in Rwanda, wildlife safaris, mountain hiking adventures, chimpanzee tracking and habituation experience, hotel bookings, birding tours, honeymoon tours, car hire (Self-drive) and airport transfers among others.

Do not hesitate to contact us, Our reservation management team will help you and guide you through the booking process with us.

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Browse our tours and get to choose an amazing safari to Rwanda with Universal Ventures Rwanda; the best Travel and tour agency in Rwanda that offers amazing primate tours, wildlife safaris, hiking tours and Lake adventures.

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